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How can I install ceramic tile over exterior concrete?

We have a concrete patio in our back yard that we would like to cover with ceramic tiles. How can I attach the tiles to the existing concrete patio? Can I use regular grout to to fill the gaps in the tile?

Can I install floor tiles directly on top of partical board?

Is it okay to install floor tiles directly on top of a particle board sub-floor? Perhaps there is some tile adhesive that won't damage the wood ? Thanks

Bathroom Remodeling for Elderly Access

My wheelchair-dependent father will move in with me soon. A small bathroom next to the 12 x 14' bedroom he'll use has sink, toilet, and shower plumbing on the wall away from his bedroom. Stealing two feet from the bedroom and adding it to the bathroom seems like a great bathroom remodeling idea, as no plumbing would move. He'll have more mobility and independence. I don't think it's a bearing wall. Roughly what would it cost to move the wall and add a linen closet to one end of the shower?

What is the recommended, repair or replacement, for bulging concrete walls?

Is repair possible or replacement necessary for two inward bulging concrete block walls of an integral garage? They are also pushed in from their foundation approximately 3" of the 8" blocks? The bulge starts is half-way up, which is underground. Also, what would be the typical cost for both procedures?

Should I put an argon mitigation system in my kitchen crawlspace?

I am remodeling our kitchen. It has been gutted. The size is 15'6"x15'3". It is built over a crawlspace. Should I put a Argon Mittigation System in my kitchen crawlspace?

Replacing Popcorn Ceilings

My family has lived in this Pittsburgh house since the 1960s. We have popcorn ceilings and since we're looking at several remodeling projects, I want to know if there's an asbestos risk. Can we remodel the ceilings safely, or do we need to hire a contractor?

What is the difference between composite fiberglass shingles and asphalt roofing shingles?

We are looking to replace the roofs of our house and garage. Aside from the difference the two types, how much maintenance are involved for fiberglass or asphalt roofing?

Can concrete steps be patched?

Concrete steps need patching on edges and where the step meets the rise. Are rods necessary where forms are used on edges? Is only a paching patching compound necessary, an added mixture, and will it hold?

What is the first step to remodeling the kitchen?

I would like to remodel the kitchen (gut the whole thing out), making it bigger. Do we need to have a general idea, or does the contractor help us figure that out when they come and see the kitchen. Do the contractors get all the cabinets and appliances and it is all one bill or does the customer go and pick that separately. This is the first time we are doing this so not sure where to start. Thanks in advance.

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