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Calculating Square Footage for Home Additions

I'm trying to get a reliable estimate for a home addition at the back of my existing house in Phoenix. Because of setback requirements, it's going to be a narrow room, much wider than long. Should I call in a contractor to measure the size first or will they measure it as part of writing an estimate?

Sunrooms and Energy Saving Costs

I'd like to put in a solarium or conservatory but I don't want to burn energy. I'm wondering if window manufacturers have a tint or e-coating that's designed specifically for use in sunrooms and skylights? We live in Phoenix, so this will be a four season home addition for us. Can you tell me how much money we can save on utility costs?

Affordable Patio Materials Options

I would like to replace my boring concrete patio with something more aesthetic and natural looking but don't want to spend a lot of money. What would you suggest for a home in the dry, hot, Phoenix climate?

How to Tell if Painting or Siding is Best

I live in a hot, dry climate, and my home's exterior paint fades and flakes. Would painting with a different kind of paint help, or would vinyl siding be a better solution?

How to Go About a Roof Replacement?

My home in Phoenix, Arizona is a mission-style home with a tile roof. I am considering roof replacement with more modern materials. Is this a job I can do myself? What steps are involved in tile roof replacement, and what are the costs per square foot?

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