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What is the difference between composite fiberglass shingles and asphalt roofing shingles?

We are looking to replace the roofs of our house and garage. Aside from the difference the two types, how much maintenance are involved for fiberglass or asphalt roofing?

Can concrete steps be patched?

Concrete steps need patching on edges and where the step meets the rise. Are rods necessary where forms are used on edges? Is only a paching patching compound necessary, an added mixture, and will it hold?

I want to replace a 3' x 4' window with 6' wide patio doors any advice on that?

Do I need a contractor? Are their any planning issues to consider? It's a single home on 1 acre so it would not impact any other properties.

What is the first step to remodeling the kitchen?

I would like to remodel the kitchen (gut the whole thing out), making it bigger. Do we need to have a general idea, or does the contractor help us figure that out when they come and see the kitchen. Do the contractors get all the cabinets and appliances and it is all one bill or does the customer go and pick that separately. This is the first time we are doing this so not sure where to start. Thanks in advance.

Should we fix an old kitchen's sagging floors?

We have an 18th century Pennsylvania house with a uneven flooring in the kitchen. In some places it even sags. While we feel this adds to the charm and character to our home I am worried that the structure of the house is compromised. Should we be worried? Should we get this repaired and what would it take?

How to prepare old vinyl siding with mold for painting?

We have very old vinyl siding on our house in Sharon, Pennsylvania. It also has some mold, mildew and dirt on it. How can we prepare the siding for painting?

What Are My Green Home Siding Options

It's time to replace my home siding and I'm thinking green remodeling. What earth-friendly siding options will stand up to the snowy Pennsylvania winters?

How to Patch and Paint Drywall

My son busted the drywall in our kitchen here in York. It was an accident, but it left a deep gouge and cracks. I need a contractor's advice to patch and paint it.

Which is the most durable: Bamboo, Cork or hardwood?

I want to change the present flooring in my kitchen I am interested in hardwood! Which is the most durable: Bamboo, Cork or hardwood? I have two dogs and 4 cats that play a lot in the area.

Can Sunroom Additions Also Serve As a Greenhouse in Pennsylvania?

Will I need one or two sunroom additions for the south side of my Williamsport, PA, home in order to have both a lounge area and an area warm enough to grow veggies? I'm afraid the temperatures should be different for each use.

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