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Bathroom Remodeling for Elderly Access

My wheelchair-dependent father will move in with me soon. A small bathroom next to the 12 x 14' bedroom he'll use has sink, toilet, and shower plumbing on the wall away from his bedroom. Stealing two feet from the bedroom and adding it to the bathroom seems like a great bathroom remodeling idea, as no plumbing would move. He'll have more mobility and independence. I don't think it's a bearing wall. Roughly what would it cost to move the wall and add a linen closet to one end of the shower?

What is the recommended, repair or replacement, for bulging concrete walls?

Is repair possible or replacement necessary for two inward bulging concrete block walls of an integral garage? They are also pushed in from their foundation approximately 3" of the 8" blocks? The bulge starts is half-way up, which is underground. Also, what would be the typical cost for both procedures?

Prepping Area Around Window Before Painting

I'm working on repainting a room. I've repaired a few wall areas where the wall was brittle etc. from moisture (house is 60 years old). There's an area alongside the window where I've chipped out some brittleness also. Is there some type of filler or compound I could fill in there? The area would be too tricky to use joint compound.

Ripping Up Old Linoleum Versus Installing Laminate Flooring

The kitchen in our 80-year old home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has very worn linoleum flooring on a plywood-looking substrate. We tried removing some of the linoleum and it crumbles or separates from the backing. What would cost more--preparing the floor for new vinyl sheet flooring or preparing it to install wood laminate flooring?

Should I put an argon mitigation system in my kitchen crawlspace?

I am remodeling our kitchen. It has been gutted. The size is 15'6"x15'3". It is built over a crawlspace. Should I put a Argon Mittigation System in my kitchen crawlspace?

Floors and Home Additions

Having completed plans for a small bath addition in Philadelphia, I'm a little worried that the floors won't meet properly. Do I have to cut down to the subfloor on the existing part of the home to find the height for the connection? I need help finding the right level for the foundation.

Small Kitchen Addition Appliances

I want to put in a small kitchen as a home addition this year. We have a separate room that we're making into an apartment and a galley kitchen will fit okay. The problem is we can't find mid-range appliances in Allentown that aren't too expensive. It's either a Rolls Royce or a cookplate. I'm looking at a built-in convection oven, dishwasher, and microwave. Have any suggestions?

Replacing Popcorn Ceilings

My family has lived in this Pittsburgh house since the 1960s. We have popcorn ceilings and since we're looking at several remodeling projects, I want to know if there's an asbestos risk. Can we remodel the ceilings safely, or do we need to hire a contractor?

How Much Will It Cost to Remove Basement Mold?

Sad to say, an inspector told us that our basement has the beginnings of a black mold problem. I heard this can be a catastrophe, costing a fortune. Is there a safe way to handle the problem without getting trapped into a complete basement remodeling project?

What is a floating floor? And do I need it under kitchen cabinets?

What exactly is a floating floor? I was told I may need it under the new kitchen cabinets that I am planning to installed. Is this necessary?

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