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What is the average cost to repair sheetrock walls?

I need to hire someone to repair approximately 32 sq.ft of sheetrock that is behind my kitchen cabinets. I think that the sheet rock, as well as the insulation needs to be replaced. How much should I expect to pay for this type of repair?

Kitchen Cabinet Painting or Laminates?

I want to sell our home in New Jersey, but not in this market. There are plywood kitchen cabinets in the upstairs rental we have and the doors are worn. Is is smarter to add strip laminate or paint them as opposed to having them redone completely? Could it negatively affect our home value?

What is the Quickest Way to Open Painted Windows

I recently purchased a grand 1907 Craftsman in Cedar Rapids. The windows in the entire house are painted shut! What is the fastest way to open up those old windows? I don't want to replace them or damage them, of course.

How to prepare old vinyl siding with mold for painting?

We have very old vinyl siding on our house in Sharon, Pennsylvania. It also has some mold, mildew and dirt on it. How can we prepare the siding for painting?

How can we get rid of black mold on bathroom walls?

There is black mold (small dots) on our bathroom walls. We have tried everything to get rid of it ourselves, such as spraying with bleach and mold remover, but it keeps coming back. Could it be that it is just too humid here in Louisiana to completely get rid of mold in bathrooms? Can we get rid of it by painting over the mold?

How can we make an existing room a green nursery?

We are expecting our first baby in a few months and would like to create a "green" nursery. We live in an old Maine house with plaster walls but, luckily, no lead paint. Would it be better to tear down the walls and start from scratch to make the room green? Or can we work with the existing structure and make other adjustments, such as painting or flooring materials, to make it green for our new baby?

What kind of paint do we use for a three-season sunroom addition?

We are putting in a three-season sunroom addition to the back of our home. The summers here in Glens Falls, New York are hot, fall and spring temperate, but the winters are frigid. What kind of indoor paint should we use for our sunroom that won't peel or crack under these fluctuating conditions?

Should kitchens be painted in flat or high gloss paint?

My husband and I are having a debate about what kind of paint to use in our Texas kitchen. He says that painting the kitchen walls in a flat or eggshell paint will look the best. I disagree. It may look good, but its not practical. I believe that kitchens should always be painted in a semi or high gloss for easy clean up of grease and fingerprints. We need an expert's opinion--please help!

How do we prepare old cabinets for re-painting?

We have an 1932 Maryland home with solid wood cabinets in the kitchen. We don't want to get rid of the cabinets because they are in good shape, but the white paint is peeling and chipping. How can we go about preparing the cabinets for a new coat of paint? Do we need to strip the paint down to the wood first before painting?

Removing Mold Safely

I found mold all over the walls in our South Bend home. Is there a way to remove it without polluting the indoor air? We all have allergies.

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