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How to get rid of standing water around a house foundation

When it rains I get water pooling around the foundation of my house, which I think is causing a musty smell in the basement. I had rain gutters on the house, but don't now because the snow and ice damaged them a few winter's ago. What's the best way to get rid of the standing water without having to buy new gutters?

Heated Metal Roofing for Ohio Home

How much extra does it cost, percentage-wise, for materials and installation of a heated metal roof versus an unheated metal roof to replace my asphalt shingle roof in Columbus, Ohio?

Ceramic tile vs. Natural stone: Which is best in the bathroom?

I would like to install a new bathroom floor and have not decided if it will be ceramic tile or natural stone. Although I'm impressed with some floors I have seen of both, my main concerns are longevity and safety. Which do you recommend? The dimensions are fairly clean cut at 9x15. Since the home is older, built in the late 70's, should I strengthen the sub-floor using 3/4 inch thick tiles even though no problems are present?

What is the best way to level a freestanding cabinet?

After installing a new ceramic floor in the kitchen, a free standing slim counter with cabinet that sits at the end of the range is now raised about 3/4 of an inch and is level with the range. The right side is unchanged and sits lower. While this allow for easy installation of the new range, I'd like to lower the counter/cabinet and secure it. Can this be done by shaving off the bottom? What would be the best way to secure it on the ceramic floor?

Can I put a vinyl double hung window in a shower?

I had a garden tub with a window over it. I am replacing that area (48X 60) with a shower. The window was an aluminum clad wood window. Will I have any regrets installing a vinyl double hung vs glass block?

What size steel I-beam do I need for ceiling project?

I have a floor with about a 1 and 1/2 sag in the middle. It has a bedroom above. I want to install a steel I-beam and span the 24 foot ceiling, removing the center post opening up the entire room. What size I-beam do I need to do this? Above the center post are 4 2x8s running the span of the ceiling.

What should be done with cracks in joints of new concrete driveway?

I had a concrete driveway poured one year ago, and it has developed cracks in between the seam joints. The actual pad is not cracked, just in the depression between the pads. I assume this is not a good thing and something should be done, like caulk or sealant to prevent water, and around here, ice from making them worse. The largest crack is about 1/8 wide. Is this something I should take up with the contractor on the job to repair or make good on?

What concrete "mix" should I be expecting my patio contractor to use?

We're looking to get a poured concrete patio and our neighbors have warned us to make sure the contractor is using a "good mix", but I don't know what constitutes a "good" mix and I am not sure what I should be asking the contractor.

How much does it cost to build a garage apartment?

I live in Cleveland, Ohio, and would like build a two-car garage with a small apartment above it behind my house (there's already a driveway in place) for my mother to live in. I'm imagining a garage of about 22' x 20' with approximately 400 sq. feet of living space on top. My partner and I had a well-regarded garage contractor (Angie's List) give us a guesstimate of $80,000. Another contractor would not give us an estimate, but insisted we needed an architect in addition for the apartment design and suggested we ask him how much it would cost. Doing casual internet searches I've found that $80,000 is on the high end of normal. Without going too cheap or cutting corners, what is your estimate for the least we can spend to build?

Matching 30 Year Old Vinyl Siding

We had a storm come through and did damage to the vinyl siding, it is 30 years old. I am having a lot of trouble trying to match the old siding with new siding. How do I go about finding the best match?

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