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How can I seal the gaps around my front door?

My home's front door has a gap at the top and along its sides, where I can see daylight and feel cold air. What can I use to seal the gaps that will be flexible enough to move with the wood door as it shrinks and swells with the changing seasons? Thanks in advance.

Mysterious Hardwood Flooring Under Carpet

My house was built in 1983. Under the carpets are wide (not narrow) wood planks with grooves beneathe them. Was this meant to be a substratum for carpets or other flooring? Or is this hardwood that could be cleaned to function as flooring?

Painting Kitchen Floors in Oakland

We're remodeling our Oakland, California, kitchen and want to paint the floor. It's covered with really ugly and scuffed sheet vinyl. Painting is a cheaper alternative than laying a new surface. But there are a few sections that seem to have sunk down. Does it make more sense to take up the entire vinyl to level the floor for painting or just put in a new surface?

Help Attaching Kitchen Cabinets

I'm going to admit my mistake. I put in replacement kitchen cabinets myself but I didn't get all of them into studs. The entire wall over the sink and stove has cabinets, and now some of them just don't look plumb. Please don't say I'm back to square one!

Sunroom to Third Bedroom

My partner and I were thinking of turning a sunroom into a third bedroom but we heard that when we go to re-sell, it would only qualify as a bedroom if it has a closet. Is that true? If we need to add a closet, is it expensive to do?

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