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Plywood Vs OSB sheathing

Should I use plywood or OSB board for residential exterior sheathing. Also what thickness sheet should I use if the wall studs are 24" apart and the floor joists are 16" apart.Thank you.

Can Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Be Painted?

I built an upstairs playroom in my home with walls made of OSB. I want to paint it white, or another light color. Will I be able to paint over this type of board? Will I need to do any special prep work before painting? Also, what kind of paint works best? I would like to avoid using an oil-based paint if I can.

OSB Roof Installation: OSB Was Stapled Down Instead of Nailed

The house is only 5 years old. We just purchased it and it passed inspection. A roofer came out and said the whole roof would need replacing because the OSB is coming loose form the rafters. We don't have leaking yet. Is there anyway we can fix this without putting on a whole new roof?

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