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Front doors: Better to go custom or big box stores?

I need to replace the whole package. Transom, side-lites, and door (fiberglass) along with all the trim inside and out. House is 11 years old. Door, Transom and side-lites are in good shape but the wood is bad and has leaked inside. Have patched over the years. The builder did not use the proper wood when the house was built and many homes in the neighborhood have the same issue. Lowe's tells me my door is 1/4 inch too small and I need to go with a "custom" order through them. My gut is screaming run to another Lowe's. Question is...is it really worth my time should I go with the specialist? If I do need the "custom" Lowe's door the $$ difference will be about $2,000 is it worth it?

Options for updating our 1950's bathroom?

We just want it very low maintenance and to look presentable. Should we take down all the tile on walls and floor, or should we just take down the bathtub tiles and put something that is less maintenance than grout and tile? What are some low maintenance options?

Stop the Shelves from Sticking

I was happy finishing our kitchen cabinets and shelving ourselves, until now. Something is wrong with the way the painting turned out. I used semi-gloss latex on the shelves and everything we put on them pulls away when I pick it up. It's still sticky two months later. Any idea how to fix it without stripping and re-painting?

Costs for a Water Heater or Circulation Pump

We added a kitchen last year and now we're not getting enough hot water on that end of the house. I've heard that circulation pumps are more expensive to buy but cheaper in the end since you don't have to run the water while it heats. Is that true?

Signs it's Time for Replacing Windows

I just recently bought a house that's ten years old. I'm making a list of checkpoints for repairs and evaluations. My current focus is the windows. They're fairly standard, but some do show signs of wear and tear. What are the features I should look at to know if I should be replacing windows or not?

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