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Should I reinforce the frame of a 20x30 outbuilding?

I have an outbuilding/workshop that I spend quite a bit of time in. It was framed using 2x4 recycled barn lumber on 2 foot centers. The structural integrity of the building is great. There is no sign of warping anywhere. It is currently uninsulated and I will be insulating it to make it more comfortable to work in during the summer/winter. Before I get to insulating, do you think I should reinforce the framing by adding a 2x4 between the current 2 foot centers, essentially making a framed building with studs every 12 inches? My grandpa built the shop in the 1950s and I don't ever plan to tear it down so any advice you could give to maintain its durability/dependability would be a big help! Thanks!

What's the best way to remove an old dining room and kitchen floor?

In my dining room I have old tile flooring (about 12x12) that meets the oak wood living room floor, flushed. This was put down in 1961. Any suggestions on how to remove this old floor safely and easily?

Why does my composite deck make loud 'cracking' sounds in the winter?

I don't know the brand of decking as we just bought the house and this is our first winter here. The composite material used in our deck makes loud cracking sounds, like a rifle shot, when the temp is below zero. This happens with no set frequency - sometimes twice an hour for a few hours, or maybe not at all for a whole day. What is causing this, and more importantly, is this affecting the soundness of the deck? What can we do to fix this? Thank you!

How to Replace Vinyl Siding?

Is replacing vinyl siding difficult? Is modern vinyl siding more durable? Can I install new siding over the old, or must I remove the old siding? How costly might this project be? My house in Omaha, Nebraska, has vinyl siding that is stained and old, and I'm wondering about my options.

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