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How do I insulate my attic for a bedroom with 2-by-6 rafters?

I am turning my attic into a bedroom, and I am afraid to put the drywall up because I'm not sure if I insulated correctly. I only have 2-by-6 rafters, and they are not evenly spaced. I put vent trays and fiberglass insulation up. My friend nailed 2-by-2s to the bottom of each rafter. Will they support the weight of the drywall? Do I also need to put up a vapor barrier?

Any advice or opinions as to what is causing countertop separating from drywall?

My kitchen countertop (with intregal backsplash) has progressively separated from the drywall. We think it is from the drywall swelling during the winter from (what we suspect) is a lack of moisture barrier as this wall it also an exterior wall. This also happens with our master bathroom counter top. It too has an intregal backsplash pulling away from the drywall which swells during the winter, and is an exterior wall.

Biomass Heating in Springfield, Missouri

Is there a system currently available for my one-story 1750 square foot home using biomass heating? I don't have a fireplace but have a place where I could put a heating unit. What would be the rough initial and annual costs for the unit?

High Pressure Water for Cleaning Soffits before Painting

I've put off the backbreaking job of painting the soffits of my Springfield, Missouri, split-level home. Now the paint is cracked and there's all sorts of dirt and webs up there. Is it safe to use a high-pressure hose to clean off everything loose so I can minimize the scraping or wire-brushing?

How to Cut Wood Veneer

I'd like to dress up the kitchen cabinets with veneer. It's a small kitchen, so I want to do the work on my own. I also know a good supplier of bird's eye maple. I want to know the right way to cut it without ruining any pieces. A carpenter friend said I should use his variable speed rotary saw. I thought you can cut cabinet pieces with a utility knife.

Safety During a Kansas City Home Addition

I have two small children and wonder if there are ways to keep them safe during our home addition. We're adding a bedroom downstairs and my boys are too young for school. Is there a way to protect them from the work and dust without getting in the way of the contractors? We have allergies. Is there something to suggest to the builders?

Moisture on floor and wall. Where is it coming from?

I have what appears to be water (moisture) on the floor and wall in one of the bedrooms. I asked a roofer to check is see if I needed a new roof. I was told that my roof is fine. What else could this be? I see what looks like little water marks on the wall and floor.

How to Repair Cracks and Dents in Siding

A tornado ripped through our Springfield, Missouri neighborhood last year. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but our home suffered some siding damage. Most of the problem stems from debris hitting the siding, which led to cracks and in a few cases, a serious dent. Can I repair the cracks and dents in my siding, or do I have to replace each damaged piece?

Green Remodeling Options for Siding

I want to recycle my aluminum siding and choose a greener option. What are my best bets for a Kansas City climate?

How to Refinish Wood Flooring

The wood flooring in my St. Louis home has seen a lot of wear and tear. It has nicks, dents, stains, and a dull finish. How do I go about refinishing it?

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