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Removing Tile Flooring in Dining Room

The same ceramic tile that's in our kitchen extends into our dining room, which makes the dining room look too "kitcheny" to me. The kitchen and dining room are two steps down from the living room, which has beautiful hardwood floors. Must the tile flooring be removed to match the dining room flooring to the living room? The dining room is 10 x 12'. What's a rough cost for labor for removing tile and installing hardwood?

Is October too late to get my house sided?

I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's October, and the weather is starting to turn for the worst. Is it too late to install new siding. If it's not too late, what should I be aware of in starting a siding project.

Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets

I hadn't heard of thermofoil kitchen cabinets until recently. I know it's measured in the linear foot. Are there standardized grades of kitchen cabinet veneer and laminates? I'm looking for the middle range for each option for starters. Are they a good choice here in Milwaukee?

Paint Failing in the Kitchen

I had the kitchen included in an interior paint job last year. It's way too soon to see paint chipping and flaking and the original painter has left the area. Fortunately, the flaking is limited to one wall. Do I scrape, prep, and repaint the entire kitchen again, or is there a way to match up colors and repair the one wall?

Solve My Wet Basement Nightmare

Every time we get a substantial rain, I can always count on at least a half-inch of rain in my basement. I've applied concrete sealant to the walls, but it doesn't seem to help. Where should I be looking to find the leak source that is causing my wet basement?

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