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Room Additions Over a Porch

We'd like to bump out the front gable wall over our half-walled front porch to gain six foot room additions in two tiny upstairs bedrooms. The porch has three steps up, and is as wide as the house. Will we need a stronger foundation under the porch for the weight of the room additions?

Covering new cabinet cases with laminate

I am refacing my cabinets. I'm going to order new doors for my kitchen cabinets and cover the painted cases with laminate: does all the paint have to be removed first? Will the laminate form a good bond with the previously painted cases?

Mildew Smell in Bathroom

Tiled bathroom remodeled 3 years ago. Super strong mildew smell. Sink and shower drains clear and colorless. No subfloor staining any place below (shower pan, toilet flange, drains). Fan is vented correctly. Odor is "in the air" not in a specific area. AAV is fine, bathroom is kept hospital clean! No visual mold, no discolored grout. Attic above is insulated and vented properly...this is driving me nuts! Bathroom has no exterior common walls, I had 4 bathrooms done at the same time, by the same crews with basically the same level of quality and workmanship...no issues with the other three. Any ideas?

Tile Flooring in a Cold Climate

The tile floor in my Bay City, Michigan, kitchen is so easy to clean, even during our harsh , messy winters, that I'm tempted to rip out the wall-to-wall carpet and put tile (with area rugs) throughout the whole house. It's a one-story house with a cement floor. Will tile retain cold temperatures and make the house more expensive to heat?

Adding a Sunroom to a Lansing, Michigan, Bedroom

We plan to add a 10' x 12' sunroom to our Lansing, Michigan, south-facing bedroom. Some companies offer sunrooms as kits. I'm not sure if they have their own installation crews. Is it likely to cost more or less to use a local contractor for design and construction?

Replacing a Garage Door Myself

I am considering replacing a garage door by myself. Is this a realistic do-it-yourself project? What is involved, or should I look for a contractor. The garage is attached to two story house. Original door sinice l969.

Big Problem Venting Hot Attic

I live in Michigan in a ranch house. My house is shaped like a "T". On the right side, I have a garage with a firewall with no access to the attic. The garage is about 20' in width. On the left side of the "T", I have a family room with a cathedral ceiling with no access to the attic also. It is also about 20' feet wide. I am trying to bring in fresh air to these areas, but there are no soffits in that area. Our kitchen and dining room, which are underneath that area, are noticeably hotter than the rest of the house. I would like to know, what is the best way to bring in fresh air into those areas and have it vent out through the ridge vent. I am very frustrated, please reply.

What is the general labor charge to install a 93in by 58in inch picture window?

I need to hire a contractor to install a 93x58 inch picture window. Aluminum siding has to be taken off and put back on. Its on the first floor only a few feet off ground level.

Stamped Concrete Patio Gone Wrong

I had a 400 sq ft stamped concrete patio installed at my house a couple weeks ago. I'm already getting some spalling, many chips all over and some flakes where the color has faded/flaked off. The felt paper between the patio and the house looks terrible and almost rotten and the steps are not straight nor level. Besides sloppy craftmanship could something have been wrong with the mix? I'm not sure if the contractor needs to tear it out or fix just the obvious problems. Thanks in advance!

Mold Trouble in Our Detroit Rental

I own a 1,800-square-foot rental house with four bedrooms. One of the two bathrooms has signs of serious mold down by the baseboards. The renters didn't say anything and when they moved out, we found the mold. I don't want to just cosmetically fix the problem. I've heard that if you don't kill it off early, black mold can invade the whole house. What's the cost of treating an entire home for it? I don't want to rent it again until we solve the problem.

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