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Is the general contractor responsible for the plumber's work?

4 months after my kitchen renovation was completed there was a flood caused by a leaky pipe under the kitchen sink. The new bamboo floors, baseboard trim, and some cabinets are ruined. Who is responsible, the plumber or my general contractor?

Bathtub or Shower in a Master Bathroom

We're planning a bathroom remodeling for our home in a retirement community in Mesa, Arizona. We'll probably live here five more years. There's a tub in the guest bathroom. Will having a whirlpool bathtub versus a walk-in shower in the master bathroom affect resale value or desirability?

Desert Landscaping Water Savings if Lawn is Removed

I'd like to remove 3000 square feet of lawn that I water with sprinklers here in Mesa, Arizona. I'd replace it with the crushed granite that is the prevalent desert landscaping ground cover here. The lawn-watering season is almost 9 months long. My home is average sized (1800 square feet) and we are a family of four. What percentage of water use would I save?

Window Replacements for the Upstairs

We are planning to replace our upstairs windows. We're looking at vinyl for the smaller windows. But the main bedroom has a picture window on a sliding door to the deck. What options would you recommend there so that we won't have to do this again anytime soon?

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