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Why do my windows leak inside around the window trim?

Why do my downstairs windows leak inside, around the window trim at the tops when a driving rain hits? The windows are leaking up top and are wood and vinyl. I have caulked all the way around the window itself where the brick meets the wood. What am I missing?

Problems With an Old Leaky Roof

Our home is 18 yrs old and we recently began having big problems with leaking roof. When a roofer went to look he was surprised that there wasn't any paper between the plywood and the shingles. Is this typical? How can I find out if it's a code violation? Can I take this up with the builder? We have had small leaking or roofing problems in the eight years we've lived here. This last damage that took shingles off the roof has really caused the on going problem of not being able to find a competent roofer who can permanently fix the problem. Also, all the problems occur over the garage area not the higher area of the rest of the house.

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