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What is "double knockdown" finish?

I have removed my popcorn ceiling finish am about to apply knockdown finish to my ceilings, which I know how to do. I have heard that the newer homes in this area have a "double knockdown" finish. Exactly what is this, and how is it applied ?

What are some options for wood floor protection?

I have wood floors, and two large dogs with a doggy door in my new house. Throughout the rest of winter we are getting some patio work done and it has been occasionally snowing/raining. What are the best ways to protect your wood from the sand brought in as well as the excess water tracked in?

Do I go to a glass company for specialized glass projects, not window replacement?

Do I go to a glass company for specialized glass projects, not window replacement? One project is to get a half round piece of glass to replace one side of a double paned widow, that is itself part of a more complex mullioned unit. Another project is to clean or replace the glass in a Velux roof window that has moisture, etc between the two panes of glass. Another project is to make a custom glass shower door and panels for an area that has a slanted roof.

Do I need to add support to my existing floor/roof in order to add a dormered area?

We purchased a home in the Boston area that was built in the late 1800's and probably remodeled around 1940. We would like to dormer out the 3rd floor attic to make the bedrooms "legal" as far as cieling height, etc. What do I need to do to ensure that the current floors/roof area are strong enough to support my addition?

Are There Sunroom Designs that Wrap Around a House Corner?

In the summer I'd like to enjoy a bug-free breakfast in a sunroom on the sunny east side of my house in Worcester, MA, then move to the cooler north side when it gets hotter. Are there prefab sunroom designs made like that?

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