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How much does it cost to add a small two-story addition?

We have an all brick colonial in Cheverly, MD (just outside Washington, DC). We want to add a small two-story addition on the back of the house. The footprint of the addition would be about 15' x 8' (length parallel to house x length perpendicular to house), a rectangular strip on the back of the house. The first floor would expand the kitchen (currently 10' x 7) to be 10' x 15', with one window over the sink. The rest of the first floor addition would be a new 5' x 8' powder room with one window. The second floor would have a full bath above the powder room portion (with one window) and a large walk-in closet above the expanded 8' part of the kitchen (no windows). So, about 120 sf per floor (=240 sq total). This would require removing two stories of the brick wall. Decent siding, not brick. Probably would have to pour a foundation. I would demo the current kitchen myself. I'm thinking about having a contractor build the addition and getting all the plumbing, electrical, gas in the right places for the new kitchen and bathrooms. They would sheet rock it and then I would be the general contractor for the new kitchen and bathrooms (might do some easy stuff myself, might not finish out the second story bathroom right away). I have a good idea for costs on the kitchen and bathrooms once the space is built. What might it cost to build this two-story addition so it is ready to have the kitchen and bathrooms put in? Second, if we could not afford it all at once, another idea is to only do the first story part of the addition and in the future add the second story (the full bath and walk-in closet). This would of course mean the second story brick would remain in place while the first floor would be removed. Does it even make sense to do this and try to add a second story to the addition later? It seems like that would be more tricky structurally? Thanks for your help.

When re-siding, should Armstrong Temlok Sheathing be replaced?

In live in a 1950's ranch with Temlok Sheathing and no insulation. Should the sheathing be replaced or covered in foam and Tyvek when re-siding the house? Also can the Temlok withstand having insulation blown in behind it? I can't seem to find any information on the Temlok product other than really old ads.

Covering Gap between Shingles and Fascia

Without seeing the problem and the bids side by side, it is tough to say if one solution is better than the other. I understand the reasoning behind each solution and they both seem like reasonable fixes. I would suggest just the installation of a new drip edge that extends

Are There Any Truly Fireproof Roofing Materials That Are Affordable?

My 3-tab shingle roof needs replacing and my home is only one block from a mixed evergreen and deciduous forest. Tile, slate, metal and cement shake roofs are fireproof, I'm sure. Are there less costly versions of the roofing materials mentioned?

How much does it cost to have asbestos shingles removed?

I am looking at buying a house with asbestos shingles and was thinking about removing them or covering them for stone facing. Do you have an estimate on how much this will cost?

Electrical Wiring Strategy for Our Patio

What kind of conduit and wire should I use to hook up our patio for lights and a couple of overhead electric heaters? I've been told to buy THWN to protect everything against water here in Baltimore. Am I on the right track or is there a better way to do it?

Pricing Under-Cabinet Lighting

Following some ideas I saw online, I want to put in some under-cabinet lighting in my kitchen. I have cabinets over the sink, and it seems like a good idea to put some work lighting there to help with food preparation and cleanup. Is there an inexpensive way to handle it?

Will adding dormers to my home increase the living space and height?

I have a cape cod style home and the upstairs is attic space with the room's height being in the roof line; so, the ceilings are at an extreme angle with no head room. I would like to make this a master suite; can more living space and height be obtained without raising the roof line? Is this a case for dormers?

What to Do With Wet Drywall

My upstairs neighbor had a leak and in trickled down to my wall and cause a stain on the top of my drywall. The wall bubbled at the top. Is this just a simple resurfacing or do I need to get a new piece of drywall?

How do we prepare old cabinets for re-painting?

We have an 1932 Maryland home with solid wood cabinets in the kitchen. We don't want to get rid of the cabinets because they are in good shape, but the white paint is peeling and chipping. How can we go about preparing the cabinets for a new coat of paint? Do we need to strip the paint down to the wood first before painting?

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