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How far apart do studs have to be when building a deck?

I am rebuilding a deck and just need to know what code is for how far apart the floor joists have to be?

Creating Room Additions Over Bangor Garage

Our Bangor, Maine, home is a typical two-story saltbox with an attached one-story 22' x 22' garage. We'd like to extend the second floor out over the garage as a recreation area with an 8' x 16' hobby room. We have an asphalt shingle roof. The house is older, so framing is 2" x 4". Heating is by a fairly new boiler system. What type of heating do you recommend, and what's a ballpark price per square foot for these room additions?

My roofer doubled the cost in the middle of the job. Is this my fault or his?

My roofer quoted me x to do a roofing job along with a porch, we knew there would be rot, especially in the porch so we padded a few extra grand. Now he has finished the porch and says he miscalculated and the price is almost doubled for the remainder of the roof. What type of recourse do we have?

How can we make an existing room a green nursery?

We are expecting our first baby in a few months and would like to create a "green" nursery. We live in an old Maine house with plaster walls but, luckily, no lead paint. Would it be better to tear down the walls and start from scratch to make the room green? Or can we work with the existing structure and make other adjustments, such as painting or flooring materials, to make it green for our new baby?

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