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Why are the sole plates for my finished basement walls recessed into the cement floor?

I recently pulled some drywall off an interior basement wall to expose the sole plate of the wall framing. I was surprised to see that the 2x4 sole plate was recessed into the basement floor about 3/4". Is this normal? Any ideas why the home builder might have done this?

Correct way to insulate your crawl space

My house was built in 1994. I already have unfaced insulation in my crawl space running North to South. Can I put more insulation running East to West over the existing insulation? If so, what kind should I purchase? I was told by one sales person at Lowes that I can get R-13 (faced) and install it over the existing insulation with the faced part down. Then on another day another sales person at Lowes told me that I should install a moisture barrier and then I could use non faced insulation. I do not have a moisture barrier under my house and now I'm confused to what to do. The ultimate goal is to insulate my crawl space properly. What is the proper way to do it to keep my energy cost very very low?

What type of sand should be used to make white mortar?

My builder used a light yellow sand and white cement to make white mortar for laying bricks. I asked for white mortar and now it looks yellow to me. He said there was no way to get a pure white, which I believe there is. I had a previous home and we used white sand. Advise on what to do next...thank you.

Sunrooms Increase or Reduce Energy Bills?

There's plenty of room outside our sunny south-facing living room in Madison, Wisconsin, to add a sunroom of about 6 x 14 feet. I'd like 4 x 6' well-insulated windows all along the 14-foot south side, and well insulated walls and ceiling. If left open onto the existing living room year 'round, do sunrooms like this increae, decrease, or not affect utility bills?

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