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What's the most cost effective way to do a kitchen remodeling of just the lighting?

There are lots of tall trees near my east-facing kitchen window which are great for shade but make the kitchen dark. Since I do home-schooling, the two 25-year old track light strips are kept on a lot. The window can't be enlarged. What's the most cost effective way to do a kitchen remodeling of just the lighting?

Costs of Kitchen Lighting for Remodeling Project

My kitchen has a set of 6' long parallel track lights--the kind with exposed tracks and swivel tube-style lamps. Where they're placed is fine, but I'd prefer less obtrusive amiable recessed lights. What budget range should I plan for the drywall, painting, and electrical work involved?

Costs and Materials for Kitchen and Dining Room Lighting

A year after a complete kitchen remodeling job here in San Antonio I've discovered that they're phasing out incandescent bulbs. The new compact fluorescent ones look terrible when they're off, but make good light. The trouble is that the new bulbs may not work with the touch dimmer switches in the kitchen and dining room. Are there models of fluorescents that work on all dimmers? The new bulbs are cheap but what's the cost of upgrading hardware?

Keeping Down Costs of New Kitchen Lighting and Dimmers

We're well into planning our kitchen remodel. I was looking over new lighting and fixtures and read something about digital dimmers. I'm used to dimming ballast, but have no experience with digital. Is there a greater control capacity with digital ballast and is it worth the higher cost?

Fluorescent Lighting Repair in Chicago Basements

We completed a renovation of our basement, but we kept the original lighting except for new bulbs. Now it seems like a mistake. The new fluorescent lights flicker or take forever to fully come on. Is it the fluorescent starter? What would it cost to buy entire new lighting for a 9x14 space?

Cost to Clear Up Electrical Problems

We have a 100-year-old house in New England and, finally, stuff is breaking down. In several rooms, lights blink on and off without warning. Breakers trip constantly and many electrical sockets are dead. I think I'm in over my head. What's an estimate of what it will run us?

Pricing Under-Cabinet Lighting

Following some ideas I saw online, I want to put in some under-cabinet lighting in my kitchen. I have cabinets over the sink, and it seems like a good idea to put some work lighting there to help with food preparation and cleanup. Is there an inexpensive way to handle it?

Best Way to Add Natural Light

The kitchen in my San Francisco home gets little natural light and I'd like more because I spend lots of time there. Which would serve me better: a skylight, solar tube, or something else? Why?

Choosing the Right Type of Pool Lighting Additions

I'm upgrading an in-ground pool here in Las Vegas with some new lights and considering my addition options. What are the pros and cons of fiber-optic and incandescent lighting?

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