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What Can I Do to Replace the Bottom 6" of Cedar Shake to Eliminate Rot?

I recently bought a 1940s home in Kansas City. The cedar shake siding on the back of the house currently rests on the concrete walkway/driveway along the back of the house and is beyond repair. What can I do to replace the siding and prevent future rot?

Where do I begin with a possible foundation problem?

I live in a row home I have a crack in the outside brick that runs from the top of my roof to the top of my garage about 6 ft long the back room in my home now has cracks in it where I can see the cement, and mesh that is supposed to be under the drywall I'm sure this is a foundation issue but I don't want to leave my home I just want to get it fixed. My homeowners insurance policy does not cover structural damage. What steps should I take first? I'm afraid to call somebody because I don't want to move, I just want to fix it. Where do I begin?

Room Addition Labor Hours

I have recently completely gutted my home, and I'm adding a 30x24 addition and a 24x24 garage. I have hired the framing out. My question.....is there any reason this should take more than 80 hours of labor? The foundation is complete, all I'm asking is for it to be framed and under roof and fanfolled and windows put in?

Mysterious Glue On Basement Floors

I recently removed existing linolium squares from my basement floor, only to find a black glue-like residue covering the concrete that is slightly tacky in spots. Do I need to remove it somehow, or can I paint right over it?

In Budgeting for Kitchen Remodeling, How Do We Prioritize?

Our 27-year old Wichita, KS, kitchen needs new appliances, a new sink, flooring, lighting, and countertops, though the layout is very functional. Everything in this kitchen works--it's just worn, outdated and not energy efficient. If we do part of the kitchen remodeling now, and part in about 18 months, what would you do first, and why?

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