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What is the average cost to repair sheetrock walls?

I need to hire someone to repair approximately 32 sq.ft of sheetrock that is behind my kitchen cabinets. I think that the sheet rock, as well as the insulation needs to be replaced. How much should I expect to pay for this type of repair?

Do I need insulation under my house?

I have a 2 story home that has a basement with a dirt floor. I don't know if I should insulate the main level floors, could this cause mold to grow?

Installing a vapr barrier in an old house

We just moved into a 115-year-old home and want to add insulation into the walls. Can we install a Tyvec vapor barrier to the interior side of the wall so that we don not have to disturb the existing brick siding?

Can I add some insulation under new vinyl siding?

I have a 100 year old house in Nova Scotia and want to replace the old wood siding with vinyl siding. If I add a layer of styrofoam insulation under the new vinyl siding, will this cause mold issues?

Installing a heater and insulation in a cold bedroom

An add-on bedroom in my house has no heat, and I'm assuming no insulation, because it is so cold in the winter. I would like to use the room as a guest room, what should I do?

What is the Best Thin Home Insulation?

We have a very old home (over a hundred years old) with single wall construction. We love our home, but it is always cold!!! Is there a thin insulation we could add to the inside walls and then paint over? We are looking for any suggestions about how to keep some warmth in our home.

How Do I Choose the Best Home Insulation?

I am thinking of updating the wall insulation of my home. I started receiving quotes on the project. My question is if I take the price out of the equation, which insulation choice will be the best investment for my home?

How Long Can Home Insulation Withstand Direct Exposure to the Elements?

I had a modular home delivered, and there is some exposed solid insulation that is waiting to have siding installed to cover it. Can the insulation still be as effective after it is exposed to the elements? Is there a certain time before they begin to breakdown?

Using a Vapor Seal when Insulating a Basement

Is a vapor seal necessary when insulating basement walls?

Correct way to insulate your crawl space

My house was built in 1994. I already have unfaced insulation in my crawl space running North to South. Can I put more insulation running East to West over the existing insulation? If so, what kind should I purchase? I was told by one sales person at Lowes that I can get R-13 (faced) and install it over the existing insulation with the faced part down. Then on another day another sales person at Lowes told me that I should install a moisture barrier and then I could use non faced insulation. I do not have a moisture barrier under my house and now I'm confused to what to do. The ultimate goal is to insulate my crawl space properly. What is the proper way to do it to keep my energy cost very very low?

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