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Resale Affect of Indianapolis, Indiana, Wine Closet Kitchen Remodel

We want to remove a 24" x 26" x 7' high pantry and replace it with a wine closet with open racks and a small wine refrigerator. There is adequate (not outstanding) kitchen storage for food, pots, pans, etc. without the pantry. About what should we budget, and will this kitchen remodeling be value-neutral when eventually selling the house?

Repairing Drywall Tape

We have drywall tape peeling off some of the ceilings/walls. What would be entailed when repairing this? I'd like to be prepared so I can be sure that the painter we hire will be doing what needs to be done and not a cover up job, nor creating more disruption to the walls than necessary. Thank you.

How to Tell if My Roofing Has Hail Damage

After a bad hailstorm here in Indianapolis, I notice that all my neighbors have contractors working on their roofs. How can I tell if my roofing has hail damage?

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