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Insulation Drywall and More Drywall

Our house has a covered back stairwell that was added after the house was built (I'm guessing in the 50's). The walls aren't insulated (just homasote in some places, drywall in others) and so it's very hot in the summer and cold in the winter. I'd like to simply just tack some polystyrene board and then cover it all with drywall but I'm not sure if this is a good idea (especially drywall-poly-drywall) or an incredibly dumb one.

Does painting doors while hanging yield poor results?

We are replacing our interior doors with new solid core doors. We have had several people out but no one seems to be able to do it all (either carpenters can do plain carpentry and hang, but don't paint, or painting companies who don't do the carpentry). Everyone has said that painting should happen after the doors are hung. We are concerned that this will produce a streaky, drippy result and get paint on the hinges. Should we instead insist that someone remove the doors to paint, or paint before they are even hung in the first place? Also, our trim is painted with latex paint, but all have recommended oil-based paint for the doors. Can you provide thoughts on what to do for best results?

Painting Vinyl Siding, or Not

I don't like the vinyl siding color on the four-year old house we bought recently. I suggested painting it. My husband says vinyl shouldn't be painted, but he'd agree to buy new vinyl trim for the eaves and windows for a different look. Is that really the best or only option? I don't want to ruin the siding.

Durable Flooring for Rental Home

Twice in six years I've ripped out the carpet in the house I rent out because of renter's pets. Would wood laminate flooring be less problematic? Could my wife, son and I really install it? How much per square foot should I spend?

How do I fill a dip in a commercial roof?

We have a flat rubber roof on a small commercial building. Near the bottom there is a dip or belly that holds standing water and is now leaking and damaging the ceiling inside. Is there a product that can be poured to fill this void and make the area flat? We plan on going over the old rubber with a new rubber roof or a roll roofing but are not sure how to fill the void.

Does an electric wall oven require exterior venting?

Hello, I am wondering if an electric wall oven requires venting to the outside. I have a client that refuses to replace their current old ovens because the new ones don't have exterior ventilation, and I am trying to find information about whether this is really required or not. I assume it isn't since most new models don't have this feature, but I don't have any explanation as to why not!

Cost Estimate to Repair Familiy Room Ceiling Drywall

The drywall is 12x12 feet. Water damaged ceiling. It will required removal and replacement and painting.

Basement Remodeling for Chicago Split-Level

Our split level frame home has a family room, bathroom, and double-car garage on the lower level. We'd like to bump the garage out into the driveway 10 feet and build a modest guest bedroom and closet across the back. We'd make a composite wood deck on top of the framed garage expansion. What's a rough budget?

Chicago, Illinois Basement Remodeling for Handicap Access

Our wheelchair-bound teen begs us to do a basement remodeling creating a computer and TV room. An elevator seems the most efficient idea, if added on a ground floor exterior wall. Can we excavate 8' down, break through the cement basement wall, and add an elevator? The ground has deep earth. What should we budget?

Extending a Wall But Having Issues With Rafter

Extending a wall and got up into my attic to make sure I have a rafter to nail to and the rafter is 4 inches over from where I want to extend my new wall. Not sure what the existing wall header is nailed to. Should i just toenail some 2X4 up there to nail the top of my frame to?

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