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How can I stop the noise in our house from traveling through the HVAC ceiling vents?

In our house lots of noise (voices, TV, radio) travels from room to room through the ceiling vents, which are used for the home's cooling system. Is there any way to reduce the noise from traveling around?

Building a backyard wine cellar

I want to build a wine cellar in my backyard that is sunken in the ground about 2-3 feet. I can see it in my head but have now idea how to build it or how to proceed. Any ideas?

Can cats and and people with alergies live in the same house?

We are remodeling a basement into an living area for our family (which includes cats). My in-laws who live on the main floor of the house are allergic to cats, so we need to find ways to create a barrier between the 2 living spaces. Any ideas how on what we can do?

Does my air conditioning unit need a drip pan?

We recently had 2 air conditioning units installed at our house. Although the unit in the attic was installed with a drip pan, there is no drip pan on the bottom AC unit. Is this normal? Did the HVAC contractor make a mistake?

Relocating an air conditioning vent in your home's basement

One of the vents for my home's central air conditioning extends about 12" below the basement ceiling. How can I make the vent flush with the ceiling so that it does not hang so low?

Any suggestions for green HVAC system in cottage addition?

I have put in a small addition to our vacation cottage in Myrtle Beach. The summers are warm here, but sometimes the temperature does dip down into the 40s at night in the winter. We have a small fireplace in the main part of the cottage, but in the addition there is no heating. We'd like to add a small solar panel to the roof that is attached to some kind of HVAC system for the addition to keep energy costs down. Do you have any suggestions on how we can do this?

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