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How Do I Prevent Roof Run Off from Getting into my Basement?

I get water in my basement when my neighbor's gutter system overflows. While, as a last resort, I think I could sue the neighbor and get them to remedy the situation, I think that my problem would go away if I had a way to channel the roof run off.

Gutters for a Grand Junction, Colorado Home

We just completed building our home, which has a steep-pitched roof. For our climate, which has more snowfall than rain, what type of gutters will best protect our asphalt shingle roofing, and what's the rough price per linear foot?

Covering Gap between Shingles and Fascia

Without seeing the problem and the bids side by side, it is tough to say if one solution is better than the other. I understand the reasoning behind each solution and they both seem like reasonable fixes. I would suggest just the installation of a new drip edge that extends

How much does it cost to wrap fascia board with aluminum?

I have 1927 two-story dutch colonial. While replacing the gutters, the contractor said I need to replace much of the fascia boards and suggested I wrap all in aluminum. Cost $3800. My house is approximately 25 feet wide and 45 deep or 1850 sq ft. Does that sound reasonable?

A Fix for Roof Gutters

It rains constantly in Oregon. Our gutters won't drain the roof. They look warped and misaligned. We've bent the hangars without success. Now what can we do?

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