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Insulation For Attic Rafters

I want to reduce the heat in my attic to store more items that are affected by heat. I'm looking at foam and the heat reflector called e-shield. This is for the rafters. What would you suggest?

How deep should a foundation be for my room addition?

I am looking to expand with a room addition. It will be one story, 20 x 24 with 2' crawl space. How deep should the foundation be?

What are the advantages of replacing interior doors with the frame instead of slab doors?

Besides being easier for the contractor to install, what are the advantages of replacing interior doors with the frame instead of slab doors? Would one normally cost more than the other as far as the labor cost?

Which spray foam manufacturer?

I live in Atlanta, GA and will be insulating my attic with spray foam and there are a handful of manufacturers such as Iceynene, LaPolla, etc. Does one stand out from the other? I've also been going back and forth between open and closed cell. From the research I've done open cell seems to be the more appropriate application. Agree?

Cooling by Dehumidifying

Here in Atlanta, Georgia the humidity often makes summer days uncomfortable. We have a one-story, 1,750 square foot house. If there's such a thing as a whole house system for dehumidifying, what does it cost to buy and use, and is it a better choice than air conditioning? Since it's not our peak hot season, you think it will cost less?

How do I seal a metal workshop building?

I have just bought a house and it has a 20 x 30 worshop outback. It's a metal building on a concrete slab. They did a pretty good job putting it together but there are many gaps between the walls and the slab. Also, there are many places in the walls and roof where they missed their mark for the screws and so there many holes. My question is how do I seal this building? I want everything sealed! I live in Georgia so this summer I would like to run some AC out there without cooling the entire county. Thanks.

High Humidity Level With Musty Smell In Some Rooms

I own a ranch home built in the 70's, high humidity levels throughout. Musty smell in rooms in front of house (brick part way up outside) No mold or noticeable wet areas. Where do I start and who would I hire to find out what the problem is?

How To Fix a Hole In the Ceiling

We have a hole in our living room ceiling caused by a leak in the bathroom above it. How do we cut that part out, fix the leak, the put up the new ceiling area without it looking like there was work on it?

Damp and mold in our utility room!

We have a single block utility room downstairs with felt roofing. the mold and smell is just starting again and I cant go through another 6 months of the smell and water on the walls and ceiling. We have used mold paint and have a dehumidifer but this doesn't seem to do a great deal about the smell and moisture in the air. Open to all ideas!

Eliminating Basement Mold in Georgia

We emptied the 800 square foot basement of our Savannah, Georgia, home to prepare for some basement remodeling. We notice quite a bit of mold on the walls and floor corners. Is this a problem we can correct ourselves, or should we pay to have professionals clean it?

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