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How do I cover or get rid of concrete "frosting" on my concrete block house?

My house is concrete block built in 1951. it has this "frosting" on the front of the house that is decorative. I'd like to be able to fill it in to make a smooth surface or remove it. I'm not sure what it is made of, other than it feels like concrete itself.

Roofing for a Palm Bay, Florida, Hurricane-Prone Home

Is a properly installed metal roof more likely to protect my home from hurricane damage than other types of roofing? Our roof is a simple L-shape and currently has asphalt shingles. It seems as if the best roofing might end up being cost-effective if a hurricane hits.

What cleaner and restorer can I use on my Corian countertop?

What cleaner and restorer can I use on my Corian countertop? What are your recommendations? Thank you.

What's the best way to paint interior walls?

I want to paint a few rooms in my house, should I use a roller, brush, or paint sprayer to paint some smooth walls?

TV wall mount into metal studs?

I recently bought a 40-in. flat screen TV, only to find I have metal studs spaced 24-inches apart in my wall. The TV itself only weighs about 29 lbs. (the wall mount about 3-4 lbs.), but am unsure whether it is a smart idea to bolt the mount into the metal studs. It's an interior wall and the studs look lightweight, but I'm thinking of using two toggle bolts in each stud which should do the trick. Is this a bad idea?

Best Paint for Waterfront Boca Raton House

Our 3-year old Boca Raton, Florida, house is very near the water. What's the very best type of paint to use on the stucco exterior, and will we save money by having less frequent repainting needs if we use the best type of paint?

During what years was asbestos used in roofing products?

I am shopping for a house and want to know if it has an old roof, how to tell if it has asbestos since this would be good to know if the roof has to be repaired or replaced.

Aluminum Versus Vinyl Window Replacements

If an aluminum window replacement has the ENERGY STAR label and costs less than a vinyl window with the same label, is there any reason for choosing vinyl versus aluminum for our Daytona Beach, Florida, home?

Cost of Using a Designer for Kitchen Remodeling

We're planning some pretty extensive kitchen remodeling, and friends suggest we use a kitchen designer. I'm not sure if most designers get paid an hourly fee, or if they make their money from markups on the kitchen remodeling components that they help us purchase. Please enlighten us!

Florida Microwave Oven That Vents to the Outside

My Pensacola, Florida, kitchen gets steamy enough without my microwave/vent unit blowing smoke and steam back into the room. To replace it with a microwave/hood combination that vents to the outside, I assume a duct has to be run through the cabinet over the range and up through the attic. If that's correct, what's a ballpark kitchen remodeling figure for a microwave/convection/hood unit and the job of creating an exhaust to the outside?

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