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Should we fix an old kitchen's sagging floors?

We have an 18th century Pennsylvania house with a uneven flooring in the kitchen. In some places it even sags. While we feel this adds to the charm and character to our home I am worried that the structure of the house is compromised. Should we be worried? Should we get this repaired and what would it take?

Why is our basement getting wet?

For years our unfinished basement has been damp but lately we have noticed that our basement walls are actually wet! The other day my wife went into the basement and there was a large pool of water on the flooring. Here in Washington state we get a lot of rain, but we've never had water seeping into our basement before. What could be going on?

How can we make a basement remodel green?

We are remodeling our basement and turning it into a family media room for when our kids come home to North Carolina from college. They are both majoring in environmental studies, and we want to surprise them with a green remodeling effort for this new room. Please give us some tips on some of the important parts of the project that will make this a green remodel.

How can we make an existing room a green nursery?

We are expecting our first baby in a few months and would like to create a "green" nursery. We live in an old Maine house with plaster walls but, luckily, no lead paint. Would it be better to tear down the walls and start from scratch to make the room green? Or can we work with the existing structure and make other adjustments, such as painting or flooring materials, to make it green for our new baby?

How can we get pet urine stains out of an oak floor?

My wife and I just moved into a 1940s Vermont home with great potential. We knew that there were beautiful oak floors in a four-season sunroom hidden underneath a green shag carpet. But after we moved in and pulled up the entire carpeting we noticed that the flooring had dark spots in several corners. A friend said that this was probably due to urine from pet accidents. We want to refinish the floors, but will these dark flooring stains ever come out?

Should I replace an entire kitchen floor because some tiles are cracked?

I had a ceramic tile floor installed in my Flagstaff, Arizona kitchen 10 years ago by contractors who may not have leveled the floor properly. It is beginning to crack in high traffic areas, such as near the sink and stove. Should I have the whole floor pulled out, leveled, and redone, or can individual tiles be replaced?

Solution for Scratched Bamboo Floors

Like many Californians, we had done some green remodeling and put in bamboo kitchen flooring. Now it's brittle and scratched. I think we used the wrong finish. Is there a solution?

Proper Finish for Wood Flooring

I'm looking at refinishing the floors in our Provo home. The range of available finishes is mind-boggling. Is oil-modified urethane the best finish?

How to Refinish Wood Flooring

The wood flooring in my St. Louis home has seen a lot of wear and tear. It has nicks, dents, stains, and a dull finish. How do I go about refinishing it?

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