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What's that thumping sound when my gas furnace turns off?

My newly installed Carrier furnace makes a thumping sound immediately after it shuts off. The sound only occurs if the furnace blower has been operating. I hear the sound near the unit's vent pipes, and it is loud enough to hear throughout my condo. Any ideas?

Will tiled decks crack when it freezes?

Our cement decks are covered only by open ramadas. We'd like something more attractive than the cement, like stone-textured ceramic tile. Will they crack during our many winter nights below 15 degrees?

Should I replace an entire kitchen floor because some tiles are cracked?

I had a ceramic tile floor installed in my Flagstaff, Arizona kitchen 10 years ago by contractors who may not have leveled the floor properly. It is beginning to crack in high traffic areas, such as near the sink and stove. Should I have the whole floor pulled out, leveled, and redone, or can individual tiles be replaced?

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