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Repurposing old kitchen cabinets for child's room storage

We're replacing old kitchen cabinets. There are three of the same size that I could paint, stack vertically, and use as toy storage in my toddler's bedroom. How can I make this cabinet installation safe and attractive?

Costs and Workmanship for a New Kitchen Backsplash

I'm checking out the costs and workmanship for a new kitchen backsplash and wonder if the picture-frame or sheet mounted backsplashes are good for the money. I can always change later to a glue and grout setup. I'm afraid of getting stuck with something bad for a long time that I spent a fortune getting done.

Setting Up a Temporary Kitchen

The contractors started work on our kitchen remodeling this week. I put a microwave and hot plate in the basement and we've been trying to cook in there. It's a nightmare. We use the bathroom and laundry sinks for dishes. Do you know a better way to set up an alternative kitchen for a few weeks?

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