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Heated Laminate Flooring Feasibility

We're removing carpet from our Elmira, New York, home, which has cement flooring. I know that laminate flooring "floats" to allow for expanding and contracting, and that they also have a cushioning sheet under them. Is it feasible to have a heated floor under the top quality laminate flooring we plan to use?

How big should a storage shed be to store garden tools?

We live in Elmira, NY and our garage no longer has any storage space left. It is overflowing our cars, the kids' skiing equipment, our snow blower, lawn mower and two snowmobiles. We desperately need room for our garden equipment and would like to purchase a storage shed. What are the dimensions and types of storage cabinets you recommend for an array of garden tools, a lawn mower, bags of mulch, etc.?

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