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How do I build a half wall?

I need to build a half wall in my kitchen. The wall part seems easy enough. The question is...the kitchen floor is tile. The wall would go on top of the tile. Do I drill holes in the tile and attach the base stud (of the half wall) to the floor with screws? Do I try to cut the tile with a dremel and attach the base stud to the wood subfloor below the tiles?

Wher can I find an operating triangular window?

I am designing an A-frame cabin and want the peak windows to operate Hopper-style for ventilation in the summer. I have not found any manufacturer's websites that show operating triangular windows. Who can make these for me?

Which Saves More on Heating & Cooling: Wall Insulation or New Windows?

50-year old home in Denver, Colorado, is of 2 x 4" frame construction, and has eight single pane windows. What expenditure will improve my utility costs more--having the walls and attic pumped with insulation or replacing the windows with good vinyl double-pane windows?

How much will it cost to replace my living room floor to tile floors?

How much will it cost to replace my living room floor, and two bedrooms from wood floors to tile floors due to buckling? Roughly 1000 sq ft total. My floor in the living room and bedrooms have buckled to the point where it is dangerous for myself and my family. I am replacing the floors myself and need an estimated of how much it will cost to repair. I currently have wooden floors but plan on putting tile floor down to replace them.

Are there any upsides to using oil stain versus acrlyic latex stain?

As I talk with painters about re-staining the exterior of my cedar sided home, everyone recommends latex stain... Over the years I always used oil... there must be some advantages to oil over latex?

How Expensive Is Smart Wiring in Denver?

I recently read that "smart wiring" is being used in home additions and renovations. Is copper the wiring most people use when installing new wiring? I've also heard that you should consider surge protectors in rooms and additions where there's new wiring. I'd really like to know what smart wiring entails and a reasonable range in costs.

Removing Redundant Electrical Wiring

I just moved into a house that has been wired and re-wired. I saw some of it on the walkthrough, but now I'm finding electric wires without caps and live ones that have never been terminated properly. Is there a system for going through all of it, or do I need to call in a real electrician?

How to Create Above-Garage Storage

I have a large empty space above my Denver garage. I want to use it for storage. What is the best way to convert the space for storage and provide easy access?

Should a Kitchen Design Include an Island?

We've lived in our house in Colorado for 20 years and I'm finally redoing the kitchen. As I'm planning the kitchen design, I can't decide whether to install an island. We've got the space but how much expense does an island add to a remodel? Is it worth the cost?

In Need of Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

I recently purchased a loft-style condo is a trendy section of the city. The previous owners went with a traditional decorating theme in the kitchen that hardly matches the excitement of living in this part of town. Do you have any modern kitchen design ideas that won't break the bank.

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