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Enclosing Space Under Idaho Decks

Our Pocatello, Idaho, home slopes off quite a bit in back. We'd like to use that space to extend a deck from the living room and kitchen and build a small hobby shop with toilet and sink underneath it. I'm sure the plumbing problems can be solved, but what sort of roof is also good for decks? I don't want ongoing roof leaks from snow melt and rain.

Old Deck Needs New Boards

My aging deck has some boards that are splitting. The deck is quite old and we've been looking everywhere but can't seem to find the same boards to replace them. Is it possible to fill in some of the cracks and splitting on the boards with wood putty? Can we stain putty? We might look into renting a deck sander, but don't think this would help with split boards? Any advice?

There are so many options for composite decking materials. What's good for cold weather?

Please help, there are so many composite decking materials, need to know, in your opinions which one is best for cold weather? I live in Michigan.

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