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Installing Hardwoods Near a Cabinet

I'm going to be installing prefinished 3in hardwoods and will be doing so in the great room and kitchen. I have a pneumatic nailer which will make the job easier but as I get near the cabinets, I won't be able to use my nailer and face nailing would prove challenging under the cabinet. I was thinking of pre-drilling holes and using a racheting nailer (like the one at Sears) to hammer it in before I could countersink it but wanted to hear if you have any advice. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.

Replacement Windows for Garden Corner of Dallas Home

Our older one-story wood frame Dallas, Texas, home is magnificently landscaped. The dining room has 4'h x 6'w windows centered on north and east walls. We'd like to open the room up with insulated fiberglass replacement windows, each 6' high x 8' wide that meet at the corner. Do you think this remodeling can be done for our budget of $20-25,000?

Labor Cost for Installing a New Kitchen Backsplash

My kitchen remodeling dream is simple: I want to install those beautiful new small tile, stone, or glass backsplash materials that come grouped on a mesh backing. I want it to go from the top of my kitchen counter to the bottom of my overhead cupboards, with a separate bar-like accent band at midpoint. There are six electrical switch plates or sockets and the length is 18 linear feet. Please give me a ballpark cost for having the installation done over the existing drywall.

How much should it cost to replace wooden doors with metal doors?

How much should it cost to replace wooden doors for the same size metal doors? Threshold needs to be changed. Trim around door inside and out needs to be new. My husband can take out the existing door to save us that expense.

Explain the Combined Costs of Roofing Installation and Materials

I assume that some roofing products are more expensive to purchase, but less expensive to install, or visa versa. Considering roofing material cost and labor together, what's a rough cost per square foot for roofs such as asphalt shakes, Mexican tile, and metal panel?

Sticky Water-Based Paint on Bathroom Cabinets

We recently had our bathroom cabinets primed and painted with a chocolate brown water-based paint. Our contractor told us after he finished painting that we should have used an oil-based paint. Now the cabinets are tacky/sticky and every time you close and open a door, a tiny bit of paint pulls away. And when I put stuff in the cabinets, it kind of sticks to the bottom of the cabinet. Is there something we can spray or brush onto these cabinets that will make the paint stay in place? Or do we just have to wait a few days for it to harden. Thanks!

Replacing Electrical Receptacles

Now that I'm up to my neck in a home addition, I need some information about swapping out old electrical receptacles for ground-fault circuit interrupters. CGFI units are almost always labeled, but should I use a multimeter to confirm the circuit map in the breaker?

Recycled Leather Flooring and Humidity

I have fallen in love with recycled leather flooring and want to install it throughout my Dallas home. Is this recommended or not given the region's humidity? Will the moisture damage it?

How to Choose a House Painting Contractor?

The exterior of my house needs painting and I know I can't do the work myself. However, my neighbors recently got burned by a painting contractor who did shoddy work and refused to fix the problems. How can I be sure I'm choosing a reliable contractor so this doesn't happen to me?

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