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Waterlogged Fence Posts in Corvallis, Ore.

The 18-year old wood fence sections around my lawn are sound but the posts, which are in cement, are rotting at the bases. What type of fence posts or supports would keep this from happening in the future? Should I reuse the sections?

Redwood or Composite Decks?

I love the look of redwood decks, but the lack of maintenance of composite materials. Which will last longer on a sunny east side in Corvallis, Oregon--oiled redwood or composite decking?

Moving a fireplace: How much should we expect to pay for this project?

My wife and I have been working with an interior designer on a home addition that involves expanding our family room. The designer suggests we move the fireplace. We know this is not an easy undertaking. How much should we expect for this project?

What is the Remedy for Slick Steps on my Patio?

Whenever it rains--and here in Oregon, that's a lot--my wooden patio steps become very slippery. They are made of pressure treated lumber and are only a few years old! What causes this, and how can I fix the problem?

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