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Bathroom Remodeling Replaces Tub with Shower

We'll have about eight extra inches of horizontal depth when we pull out our standard bathtub and replace it with a custom tile shower. Nothing fancy--the bottom and three sides will be small tiles, the fourth side all glass including the door. Please give a ballpark figure of the cost for this bathroom remodeling.

Enclosing a Porch as a Sunroom

The east-facing open side porch of our New Haven home is 6' x 12'. It's off the kitchen near the separate garage. We love sunrooms and want to enclose the porch with two insulated walls. There'd be three 4 x 6' windows, a window door, and floor and ceiling insulation and finishes. What is a rough cost?

Can solar film on windows be removed?

I had solar film (for sun protection) put on windows to prevent fading of furniture. The film is clouded now. Can it be removed? If so what's the best way to go about it?

Connecticut Kitchen Cabinet Door Upgrades

I'm looking for ballpark figures on the cost for unfinished kitchen cabinet doors. Some manufacturers offer upgrades in wood on cabinet panels, door fronts, and cabinet doors. I'd like a sturdier door than the basic, as we have a busy kitchen.

How to Narrow Down a List of Contractors

I'm new to Bridgeport and looking for contractors for a sunroom project. What are a few general rules you would recommend for someone narrowing down a list of potential bids?

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