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What is the best way to waterproof a flat roof?

We just put a new flat roof on a portion of our house that has very little slope (about a 2" over entire length). The new roof was covered with Ice and Water Shield and asphalt shingles, but now I am unsure about the long term water tightness of this. Was this the best way to waterproof the roof?

Replacing a plywood subfloor in a kitchen

The subfloor in my 300 sq.ft. kitchen needs to be replaced so that I can install some concrete board and new floor tile. How should I start this type of project, and any idea what it might cost? Thanks.

Heated Metal Roofing for Ohio Home

How much extra does it cost, percentage-wise, for materials and installation of a heated metal roof versus an unheated metal roof to replace my asphalt shingle roof in Columbus, Ohio?

Electrical Problems in Columbus Basement

I want to convert the basement into an office this year and get a tax credit on windows. All the switches in the basement work fine, but there's an outlet that's works intermittently. I ran a continuity tester on it and it looks fine. Nothing else in the basement flickers or drops power except for the outlet. Should I look at closing it off and installing additional electrical for the office machines?

Which Room to Choose for Home Additions

The 30-year-old home we bought in Columbus two years ago is too small for us now. I want to know which is a better investment on a home addition, a finished basement or a new bedroom? I'm not aware of any structural problems, which is good, but I don't want to open a can of trouble with a basement unless there's a good return in terms of home value. Any suggestions?

Does a Pre-fab sunroom count for square footage in the house?

When you build a prefab sunroom does it add to the over all square footage of the home?

How to Fix a Cracking Poured Basement Wall?

After a particularly wet Ohio rain season, I noticed a small crack in my poured concrete basement wall. Is there a simple way to fix the crack before it gets worse?

Best Resale Kitchen Countertops for Cheap

My husband just got transferred out of state and we are getting our home ready for sale. Our kitchen countertops definitely need to be replaced but we have a very limited budget for improvements. What materials would you suggest to get the most resale value from our countertops for the lowest price?

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