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How much would it cost to add a small kitchen in the basement?

My basement basically has everything the upper level of the house has except a kitchen area. Even though there is mini-fridge for refreshments a kitchenette would make it more functional. Aside from the utility room, there is 1500 sq ft that includes a bedroom w/full bath, craft room, office, dining area and extremely spacious great-room. Approximately how much would it cost to add a small kitchen area?

Stick-on Tiles Good for Bathroom Floors?

My mom's bathroom has a plywood subfloor. She wants to put stick-on tiles with a grout on the plywood. Would this be OK for a bathroom floor? Will it be durable and non porous with water, humidity, etc?

Too late to modify house frame?

The frameing work for my new home has been put up and now I think the ceilings are too low. Is it expensive to have the contractor raise the ceiling since its so early in the game? No wiring or pipes have been put in yet... just the frame of the house.

Replacing Chicago Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

One of the four stacked cabinet drawers in the kitchen has either hopped the track or the track of the glide roller is busted. It won't pull all the way out no matter what I do. I've removed as many screws as I can from the track without any luck. I don't want to damage it further. Any suggestions?

Drop-in Undermount Sinks

I like the simplicity of a drop-in sink since it would be easier to install than the other models. We're remodeling the kitchen and my spouse wants an under-mount. She hates the idea of food getting trapped in the edge of the drop-sink we have in the kitchen now. Can you find under-mount sinks that are comparable in durability as a drop-in?

Fluorescent Lighting Repair in Chicago Basements

We completed a renovation of our basement, but we kept the original lighting except for new bulbs. Now it seems like a mistake. The new fluorescent lights flicker or take forever to fully come on. Is it the fluorescent starter? What would it cost to buy entire new lighting for a 9x14 space?

Planning a Home Addition I Can Afford

I've read that kitchen and small bath additions have a good return on investment. But my husband would rather add a sunroom. Considering we live in Chicago, is his idea better than the kitchen or bath addition?

Questions to Ask a Contractor

We are about to undertake a fairly large remodeling project (2nd story room addition). You hear about so many horror stories involving contractors. We have a list of contractors we like to talk to. We'd like to avoid being one of these stories! What are some red flags to watch out for? What are some of the key questions to ask a prospective contractor?

What Kind of Windows Are Most Energy-Efficient?

I am building a new home in the Chicago suburbs. I am acting as my own general contractor, and have a question about windows. Which type of frames--vinyl, wood, or aluminum is the most energy-efficient? Can I get a tax break for using energy-efficient windows in new construction?

Damp Basement... No Renovation?

I really want to finish our basement, but I've noticed that it can be really wet and damp sometimes. How can I know whether that will be a problem if we take on a basement renovation?

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