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What's the best way to repair a ceiling with water damage?

What is the best way to repair a ceiling that has water damage due to a leaky radiator in the room above? The drywall on the ceiling is wet and rotten, but isolated in a small spot. Do I need to hire a contractor? Do I need to replace the entire ceiling?

Demolishing a 5,000 sq ft Home and Building a Smaller Home

We live on a gorgeous piece of waterfront property, but built a home that is too large for us. How much would it cost us to demolish what we have and build a smaller home. Does it make sense to do it?

Finding a stud in a Popcorn Ceiling

I am trying to hang a 10lb object from my ceiling. I have popcorn ceilings and a flat roof. My stud finder is not helping, I even measured 16" from the south and the west walls and tried putting a nail up to see if I could find it and no stud. How do I find a stud? Do I even need to secure it into one at that weight? Thanks!

How can I check to see if windows are insulated?

How can I check to see if when a replacment vinyl windows was installed, the window frame was actually insulated fully? A few years ago, I had vinyl replacement windows installed in an 100 year old house. I still seem to have draft issues around the windows and I'm thinking that the gaps where the old window weights were, weren't insulated or at least not fully insulated. Is there a way to see if there is any insulation in the window frames, or fill any possible gaps in the wood window frames that now have vinyl replacement windows already in them? Thank you.

Putting New Wall Over Old Wall

I tore down old wood paneling and the Sheetrock behind it is somewhat damaged. I decided to just put 3/8" blue-board over the old wall. My question is. I want to put beadboard paneling half way up the wall. Should I put blueboard over all of the wall or should I just put it on the top half since the bottom will be beadboard. I just don't want a large difference in size between the paneling and new wall.

Our home build had to move house footings, any issues with this?

Footings for my new house were put and set back too far on my lot by 7 ft. The builder, 5 days later, extended the front of the house footings and brought the back of the house footings into the layout of the first pour and left first poor in place. Will this be a problem?

What is the best flooring option for a kitchen which is over a basement?

We have ceramic tiles now, and half are cracked. Reasons we were given so far: beams in basement ceiling are too wide, improperly install. We want to redo the floors but want to make sure we pick the right option for this situation.

Repairing sunroom windows, a DIY project?

I have a 4 season sunroom with several of the glass windows with broken seals, can I undertake this repair myself? The sunroom company has ignored my request for a repair. I guess they don't want to deal with repairs only new projects, they once quoted me a price and it was more than the total cost of the entire room.

What is the best kind of insulation to add to an attic?

I own a house, built in 1978. The attic needs more insulation insulation to help winterization. What is the best type of insulation? Is there a particular brand? What should I be looking for in insulation material?

What materials are available for putting a vinyl sheet finish on deck floor?

What materials are available for putting a vinyl sheet finish on deck floor? I want to put a vinyl sheet finish on my deck 8ft x 8ft. Flooring is solid and waterproof just needs topcoat. Would like to do it myself as simply as possible. What are some materials that are available?

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