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Painting Vinyl Siding, or Not

I don't like the vinyl siding color on the four-year old house we bought recently. I suggested painting it. My husband says vinyl shouldn't be painted, but he'd agree to buy new vinyl trim for the eaves and windows for a different look. Is that really the best or only option? I don't want to ruin the siding.

How do I fill a dip in a commercial roof?

We have a flat rubber roof on a small commercial building. Near the bottom there is a dip or belly that holds standing water and is now leaking and damaging the ceiling inside. Is there a product that can be poured to fill this void and make the area flat? We plan on going over the old rubber with a new rubber roof or a roll roofing but are not sure how to fill the void.

Privacy Needed for Window Seat Window Replacement

There are two 4'h x 3'w windows and one 4'h x 6' wide window over the pretty bay window seat in my downtown Bloomington, Indiana, home. The seat is too close to a public sidewalk for privacy and too drafty for comfort during the winter. The house is wood frame construction. What replacement windows will make the window seat more private and cozy, and roughly what will it cost for windows and labor?

Should we buy a house that has asbestos siding?

We have fallen in love with an old turn of the century home in Bloomington. Unfortunately, the home inspection revealed that there is asbestos siding on the house. We're a young couple and hope to have children someday, but don't want our children to be living in a house with toxic siding. Should this siding be removed? And is this kind of work too expensive? Or should we give up on the house and look for one that doesn't have asbestos siding?

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