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What are the advantages of replacing interior doors with the frame instead of slab doors?

Besides being easier for the contractor to install, what are the advantages of replacing interior doors with the frame instead of slab doors? Would one normally cost more than the other as far as the labor cost?

Which spray foam manufacturer?

I live in Atlanta, GA and will be insulating my attic with spray foam and there are a handful of manufacturers such as Iceynene, LaPolla, etc. Does one stand out from the other? I've also been going back and forth between open and closed cell. From the research I've done open cell seems to be the more appropriate application. Agree?

Cooling by Dehumidifying

Here in Atlanta, Georgia the humidity often makes summer days uncomfortable. We have a one-story, 1,750 square foot house. If there's such a thing as a whole house system for dehumidifying, what does it cost to buy and use, and is it a better choice than air conditioning? Since it's not our peak hot season, you think it will cost less?

High Humidity Level With Musty Smell In Some Rooms

I own a ranch home built in the 70's, high humidity levels throughout. Musty smell in rooms in front of house (brick part way up outside) No mold or noticeable wet areas. Where do I start and who would I hire to find out what the problem is?

Damp and mold in our utility room!

We have a single block utility room downstairs with felt roofing. the mold and smell is just starting again and I cant go through another 6 months of the smell and water on the walls and ceiling. We have used mold paint and have a dehumidifer but this doesn't seem to do a great deal about the smell and moisture in the air. Open to all ideas!

Sunroom Skylight Leaks

When we installed the skylight in our Atlanta sunroom, we used a flashing unit that came with the kit. Now the skylight leaks onto the sunroom flooring. I checked for drips from condensation, but it seems more like a structural problem with the room. I don't want to check every shingle on the roof. Can you recommend an affordable fix?

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Catches

Am I right in assuming that the total number of cabinet catches I need to complete our kitchen remodeling project isn't significant enough to significantly alter the price? I was planning single rollers for the drawers and either double rollers or magnetic catches for the kitchen cabinet doors. I know there are higher quality magnetic catches out today. Are they considerably more expensive?

How much would it cost to regrade a 1/2 acre yard?

The backyard of a house we are considering to buy has a slight slope in the 1/2 acre backyard. Ideally, we could have it leveled and a retaining wall around the perimeter. How much would it cost to regrade the yard?

How to Determine the ROI on Additions

I am considering some additions in my Atlanta home: a third bathroom, enlarged kitchen, and home office. How do I determine the probable cost and the return on my investment when I resell?

Uneven Doors Throughout My Home

Several of the doors in my house are crooked--I can see light peeking through cracks at the corners. I assume this is because my house is doing a fair amount of settling after several years. What's the most common fix for doors that are uneven?

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