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Cracked Kitchen Flooring

I cropped a big cast iron Dutch oven on my kitchen floor and cracked and chipped a ceramic tile. I can't find a similar tile. What do you suggest as a repair?

How much does it cost to wrap fascia board with aluminum?

I have 1927 two-story dutch colonial. While replacing the gutters, the contractor said I need to replace much of the fascia boards and suggested I wrap all in aluminum. Cost $3800. My house is approximately 25 feet wide and 45 deep or 1850 sq ft. Does that sound reasonable?

Where do I find suppliers for exterior bamboo doors?

I have searched all over the web and can find very little info about bamboo doors aside from some interior doors. Obviously, this is very uncommon and certainly will not be sold at your local retail store. Do you know of any national suppliers, online or offline?

Adding an Air Condition Vent to a Room

I wanted to know the approximate cost to add an air condition vent to a bedroom that only has one a/c vent at this time. It gets too hot in the summer, compared to the rest of the house. It's a one-story house and the attic is fairly easily accessible where the vent needs to go.

Considering Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen

I like ceramic tiles just fine, but my wife wants to consider hardwood flooring in the kitchen. There's no doubt that we'll be replacing our kitchen flooring, but don't hardwood floors leak and warp if they're used in the kitchen with all the spills?

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