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Slab Repair

I live in Gilbert Arizona my problem is this: inside at the rear of the house where the slab butts against the stem wall the slab has raised about 3/4 to 1 inch up. this is the only area in the house that it has happened. What course of action can be taken to correct this problem?

Will tiled decks crack when it freezes?

Our cement decks are covered only by open ramadas. We'd like something more attractive than the cement, like stone-textured ceramic tile. Will they crack during our many winter nights below 15 degrees?

Bathtub or Shower in a Master Bathroom

We're planning a bathroom remodeling for our home in a retirement community in Mesa, Arizona. We'll probably live here five more years. There's a tub in the guest bathroom. Will having a whirlpool bathtub versus a walk-in shower in the master bathroom affect resale value or desirability?

Fences for Noise Control in Tucson, Arizona

We live on the corner of two busy 2-lane city streets near downtown Tucson, Arizona. Our backyard is almost too noisy for entertaining. Are hay bale fences the best thing for noise abatement, and if so, how high does it have to be to reduce the noise level?

Desert Landscaping Water Savings if Lawn is Removed

I'd like to remove 3000 square feet of lawn that I water with sprinklers here in Mesa, Arizona. I'd replace it with the crushed granite that is the prevalent desert landscaping ground cover here. The lawn-watering season is almost 9 months long. My home is average sized (1800 square feet) and we are a family of four. What percentage of water use would I save?

Calculating Square Footage for Home Additions

I'm trying to get a reliable estimate for a home addition at the back of my existing house in Phoenix. Because of setback requirements, it's going to be a narrow room, much wider than long. Should I call in a contractor to measure the size first or will they measure it as part of writing an estimate?

How do I make door frames for an arched doorway?

I am building a vacation home in Mexico, by myself. I need to make frames for my doorways and they are arches. Is there a plastic material resembling wood that will bend. I had thought of using wood but don't think I can find the proper wood, as good wood is hard to find. (for a do it your-selfer like me). I cannot find any useful information anywhere as it seems true craftsmen are out of fashion. I know it will not be easy but I know it will be worth the effort.

Sunrooms and Energy Saving Costs

I'd like to put in a solarium or conservatory but I don't want to burn energy. I'm wondering if window manufacturers have a tint or e-coating that's designed specifically for use in sunrooms and skylights? We live in Phoenix, so this will be a four season home addition for us. Can you tell me how much money we can save on utility costs?

Affordable Patio Materials Options

I would like to replace my boring concrete patio with something more aesthetic and natural looking but don't want to spend a lot of money. What would you suggest for a home in the dry, hot, Phoenix climate?

Should I replace an entire kitchen floor because some tiles are cracked?

I had a ceramic tile floor installed in my Flagstaff, Arizona kitchen 10 years ago by contractors who may not have leveled the floor properly. It is beginning to crack in high traffic areas, such as near the sink and stove. Should I have the whole floor pulled out, leveled, and redone, or can individual tiles be replaced?

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