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How flat should a floor be for large tiles?

My wife and I tried to use a cement self leveling underlay on the concrete slab in our kitchen to prep for tiling 18'' tiles. Unfortunately, we did it in 2 batches because we misread the coverage and ended up with hills and valleys. In the worst spots the tile moves about 1/8''-3/16'' when pushed down on certain corners. Would it be safe to go ahead and lay the tiles? Should we try to flatten the floor more? Also, do I need to use concrete sealer before tiling?

Keeping Down Costs of New Kitchen Lighting and Dimmers

We're well into planning our kitchen remodel. I was looking over new lighting and fixtures and read something about digital dimmers. I'm used to dimming ballast, but have no experience with digital. Is there a greater control capacity with digital ballast and is it worth the higher cost?

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