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Room Additions in Anchorage, Alaska

We want to bump out exterior walls that face our northwest view to create a dining nook beyond the kitchen and a home office beyond a seldom-used walk-in closet. Both additions would be 8' x 8'. To maximize the view I'd like fixed-pane maximum insulated windows about 7'h x 6'w on all three walls of both room additions. How much extra in initial cost and heating bills would this cost over 4'h x 6'w windows?

Humidity Problem After New Windows Were Installed

We just finished installing new windows in our house that was built in 1968. Ever since then, I have noticed what appear to be higher humidity levels on the bottom floor. It is concrete but most of it is above ground, but not all of it. I am wondering, now that we have new windows, is it perhaps keeping in more moisture than before creating more humidity? We have laminate flooring over the concrete and it has not been sealed because we never noticed a mositure problem. Is it possible that the unsealed concrete is creating this problem and is sealing it the right thing to do? I have concerns because Ive read in other places that sealing concrete can cause moisture build-up and in turn cause foundation settling....any information you can offer is much apprec iated. Our home would be extremely hard to retro-fit for an air exchange system.

We want to add a second story to our house, how do I know if my foundation can hold the extra weight?

We have a house that has a daylight basement. The basement walls are cement blocks and we're wondering if it is strong enough to hold a full second story or if we have to go through the hassle of raising the house and putting in a new foundation like I have been told I will have to do by two different contractors. They have never answered my questions about if I can test the strength of it.

Should I Attempt Window Installation Myself in Alaska?

I need to add a bigger window to my ground floor bathroom. I'm handy with hammers and saws, but concerned about keeping a window installation weather tight here in Anchorage, AK. Do I need a contractor, and would they do such a small job?

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