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Can you relocate plumbing drain pipes in a concrete slab?

Our home is on a concrete slab and we want to change the floor plan. We would like to relocate the shower and the washer/dryer to new locations, but don't know if this is possible? Can we relocate plumbing drain pipes that are currently fixed in the concrete slab? What other obstacles are there to this type of remodeling project? Thanks!

Adding a Sink in the Basement

I would like to add a kitchen to the basement. The basement is finished and has an existing bathroom. The water from the basement bathroom is pumped to the septic tank by a sump pump. How hard would it be to put in a sink for the kitchen? What level of effort are we looking at? Should we call a contractor in?

OSB Roof Installation: OSB Was Stapled Down Instead of Nailed

The house is only 5 years old. We just purchased it and it passed inspection. A roofer came out and said the whole roof would need replacing because the OSB is coming loose form the rafters. We don't have leaking yet. Is there anyway we can fix this without putting on a whole new roof?

Visualizing Kitchen Remodeling for an Old House

It took us six years to save $35,000 for a kitchen remodeling in our 70-year-old home. I'm so afraid we'll spend the money and not get what we want. What do kitchen designers charge for consulting, and how can they show us what it will look like?

How do I get rid of "rolls" in my carpet?

After our home was built we discovered the contractor pocketed a lot of the money, didn't pay the contractors so when we had problems they wouldn't come back and fix them. The guys that laid the carpet put down too much and created "rolls" or "little hills" in the carpet. Is there a way to fix this myself?

What's the cost of adding an attached workout room?

I want to build an exercise room addition alongside my garage. I have only 6 feet by 14 feet available. I'd like to do a cement floor. The roof can tuck under my existing eaves. I plan to do insulation, drywall, and a through-the-wall AC/heater combo. Roughly what would the room cost?

Landscaping for Utility and Energy Savings

Most windows of our new home face east and west. Summer a/c expenses are high. We'll add landscaping with fast growing shade trees and shrubs in front of the windows. What species are likely to reduce our summer utility bills?

Cabinet Refacing Versus Replacing For Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen in my Opelika, Alabama, home has painted cabinets with plain slab doors. I'd love to have natural wood cabinets, though my budget is modest. How much more would it cost for some new contractor-grade cabinets versus cabinet refacing with new contractor grade doors, drawer fronts, hardware, and laminate applied to the cases?

New House, Poor Water Pressure

We just tore down our old house and built a new one on the same lot. Water pressure was good in the old house. In the new house - not so good. The builder has decided to take out all of the flow restrictors on the shower heads as a solution. It seems to me this is just a quick fix but will waste water and energy. What do you think?

Which is the better insulation option for me?

My heating and cooling ducts run through my attic. I'm looking to add more insulation to my attic. So which kind and style would work best in my situation (spray foam, spray loose insulation, or both? Best bang for my buck and best energy plan?

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