Questions About Sunrooms

What are my options for plastic panels in a sunroom?

I have a curved sunroom with plastic panels on top. I need to replace the panels and can't find them anywhere. I don't even know what the material is called. Could you please tell me what kind of plastic is used, and where I can get new panels?

-Cheryl J.

How do I ensure square footage gets recorded with the city?

I have a sunroom in a house in CT that is approximately 280 square feet. I want to tap into my baseboard and add heat to the room. How do I do this so that the square footage gets recorded with the city? And if I put it in, when will I need to advise the city?


How do we keep our sunroom-turned-bedroom insulated?

We just had our second baby and are converting our sun room to an extra bedroom - it's perfect just as long as the weather is not too hot or too cold. How could we turn this hot and freezing room into a third and cozy bedroom?


Making a Patio into a Sunroom

Our recessed 8'd x 20'w cement-floored rear north-facing patio is covered by our roof. This makes our living areas dark. We'd like to cut back the roof, replace it with polycarbonate panels, and close the wide side with 3' high walls with screens on top. Voila--a sunroom! What roof supports are needed, and what's a ballpark figure for materials and labor?

Will a hot tub work in an existing sunroom?

Our kit-built sunroom has room for a 2-person above-ground hot tub. Electricity and water are available in the adjoining kitchen wall. There's cement flooring. The sunroom door would provide venting. Drainage and soundproofing the pump are the only problems I see. What costs besides the tub might we have?

Enclosing a Porch as a Sunroom

The east-facing open side porch of our New Haven home is 6' x 12'. It's off the kitchen near the separate garage. We love sunrooms and want to enclose the porch with two insulated walls. There'd be three 4 x 6' windows, a window door, and floor and ceiling insulation and finishes. What is a rough cost?

Sunrooms for Solar Gain in Iowa

Is Cedar Rapids, Iowa's climate amenable to having sunrooms create solar gain during the winter? We have an unobstructed south-facing dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom and bath which could all open onto it. Total available length is about 50 feet. I assume passive solar is cheapest but don't know if it would work compared to some simple active solar design.

Repairing sunroom windows, a DIY project?

I have a 4 season sunroom with several of the glass windows with broken seals, can I undertake this repair myself? The sunroom company has ignored my request for a repair. I guess they don't want to deal with repairs only new projects, they once quoted me a price and it was more than the total cost of the entire room.

Adding a Sunroom to a Lansing, Michigan, Bedroom

We plan to add a 10' x 12' sunroom to our Lansing, Michigan, south-facing bedroom. Some companies offer sunrooms as kits. I'm not sure if they have their own installation crews. Is it likely to cost more or less to use a local contractor for design and construction?

Sunrooms Increase or Reduce Energy Bills?

There's plenty of room outside our sunny south-facing living room in Madison, Wisconsin, to add a sunroom of about 6 x 14 feet. I'd like 4 x 6' well-insulated windows all along the 14-foot south side, and well insulated walls and ceiling. If left open onto the existing living room year 'round, do sunrooms like this increae, decrease, or not affect utility bills?

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