Sunrooms and Energy Saving Costs

Answered by Brendan ~ June 7, 2010 ~ No Comments

I'd like to put in a solarium or conservatory but I don't want to burn energy. I'm wondering if window manufacturers have a tint or e-coating that's designed specifically for use in sunrooms and skylights? We live in Phoenix, so this will be a four season home addition for us. Can you tell me how much money we can save on utility costs?

Wally H. ~ Phoenix, Arizona

Brendan Fowler

There are certainly tints and e coatings that are used on the glass of sunroom windows and skylights. It is impossible to say how much money a solarium or conservatory addition will save you in terms of utility costs. In fact, it could cost you more. In order to find out how this addition will perform, you will need a complete set of working drawings, including all of the window specs. An engineer can then run energy calculations based on the plans to see how this structure will use or conserve energy. There are many factors that are going to affect the way this structure performs so make sure that you understand all of the aspects of this addition. Good Luck!

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