Sunroom to Third Bedroom

Answered by Brett ~ April 30, 2010 ~ No Comments

My partner and I were thinking of turning a sunroom into a third bedroom but we heard that when we go to re-sell, it would only qualify as a bedroom if it has a closet. Is that true? If we need to add a closet, is it expensive to do?

Kevin P ~ Oakland, California

Brett Kulina

In my opinion, a dedicated bedroom should have a functional closet regardless of what is mandated by the local real estate community or building inspector. The rules differ from area to area, as in my city where the building department does not require a bedroom to have a closet, but the local real estate MLS board does require closets in "legal" bedrooms, if not they call them "bonus rooms" when marketing your home for sale. You should check with the Oakland building department to see what they require.

Adding a closet in your sunroom should not cost that much, and you will probably be glad you did it when you re-sell your house (or try to hang up a jacket in your new bedroom!)

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